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Events Management

Events Management

Why Kainjoo for events management

Kainjoo has supported brands for over a decade by using events to boost visibility or recruit qualified information on potential leads and customers. With solid expertise in B2B events such as symposiums or congresses, Kainjoo also organizes B2C events, from scouting influencers to recruiting the audience and animating the event.

Loyal to our taste for data-driven solutions, our team will build an end-to-end marketing funnel for you so that the events become an excellent opportunity to activate your brand on different channels. Our creative team can also explore various concepts for building highly engaging events, such as contests where your brand requests a community’s effort to generate user-generated content on social media.

Events Management for Richter

Managing events is challenging and is not cheap. Differentiating your brand at events also requires understanding the return on investment that could lead to a good business case. This is where our team of consultants can help you scope your events according to the various codes of conduct and compliance rules linked to your industry. From local events to global ones, our team had experience managing events with up to 50K simultaneous users online, as well as physical events such as sports games.

Our experience with Brands before, during and after events

Before your event

Kainjoo will analyse the opportunities linked to your brief and propose various concepts or solutions if you don’t yet have one set. Suppose your team does not manage your events, but you are participating in one. In that case, our team can also be the interface between the event organisers and your organisation, handling as a white-glove agent all the requirements from booth construction and design to logistics and manning plan.

Once the events management scope is approved, our production managers will activate our creative studio to propose a concept that will be activated weeks before the event. While we produce the various materials for your offline or online event, the marketing team will start teasing and activating your audience, either customers or leads, through multichannel ways so that you begin collecting precious data into your CRM. Our concept will incorporate member-get-member tactics to multiply your growth and reduce your cost per acquisition.

One week before the event, you should warm up your audience with a webinar or a side event to cater for VIP or happy few users. This phase can also generate good engagement during the events with a community of people already excited by what you offer. In the case of internal events for employees, this could help train the trainers if you have workshops to run, and it will be a good drilling session to have everyone aligned on the agenda. We also use these warm-up events to work with speakers and potentially fine-tune their deck using our slide clinic from our creative studio.

Our targeted ads will support making noise, while influencers’ relationships will help amplify the signal to their audience.

Everything in this phase is well specified along an event scorecard that will monitor crucial and non-vanity KPIs that will help optimise the event if it is part of a recurrent series.

During the event

It is D-day, and our team and yours work as one. While a team makes the magic in real-time, from sound, video, and technical proofing, the other staff meticulously checks the community pulse, organising the polls or animations around your main event. In the case of workshops, the staff handling separate rooms will be ready to take people in. Our marketing team continuously pushes the promotion to capture potential interest for this live event and share recordings for later.

In the case of close-door events, the pressure is less felt as you can control more parameters, but usually, this is also where the event’s outcome is more prominent. Organisers of internal events, such as town hall events, want to capture crucial information and generate positive engagement. Apps, either customised or made from scratch, will help structure the agenda and qualify information between delegates looking to connect. You can use these data for your CRM to understand better how to add value next time.

In the case of community events or a symposium, the idea is to stand out from the competition with the quality of the exchanges. Here, whether physical or online, our team will support activating your activities, whether a keynote or a side game that will attract people to your booth. Kainjoo has mastered more than 50 codes for regulated industries to date, which helps identify animations that fit the scientific understanding required without falling short of compliance.

Events Management for Richter

After the event

Whether there is a pause between two episodes or at the end of one big event, our marketing team will ensure crucial information is sent to your delegates. Email marketing is still a powerful tool, and if your material is hosted on a website where everything is stored on the CRM, you can have another hook to bring people back for content or meaningful connection. Watching a replay is nice, but what about having all the FAQs answered in a video and posted on the events management page? These are small tactics Kainjoo tested alongside brands to create more engagement around your services or products.

Data-centric means reading the reports and generating insights to help make better decisions. This is where our team of analysts will work with events producers to understand what to stop doing and continue or start experimenting based on the feedback of the staff and the delegates who attended the session. Sending a feedback survey is usually another touchpoint to promote the next event, and this can nicely close the loop on further animations or engagement with the rest of your marketing plan.

Kainjoo Brand-Tech Solutions for Successful Events

As you can see, our team at Kainjoo has years of experience managing events successfully. Up to 30% of invitees to a physical symposium turned into opted-in email addresses. We can reach these numbers as we work with brands leveraging emerging technologies and channels, emotional marketing, and elegant branding.

Kainjoo Web Factory simplifies the creation of your traffic’s landing page for events management and connects it with your CRM. Our advertising trading desk will also make a difference at your events with a unique reach on both B2B and B2C audiences. Are you looking to work with influencers? Our affiliation platform will change how you engage with them, as Kainjoo will monitor their contribution to your KPIs and pay them accordingly.

Events Management for Richter

No brands are the same, and while our tactics toolbox is stress-tested, it is always a different program. This is why building this engagement machine for our customers makes us unique. Kainjoo’s value proposition for growth is using events management as a kickstarter for data collection or qualification. Just imagine how much you can do around events such as a publication, a blog, or a YouTube channel with an influencer… this is a marketing tactic that is not cheap to run but will be worth implementing in a 360° program for your brand. Don’t forget that with tracking performance comes the willingness to optimise what we measure, and the sooner you start, the better your brand will thank you.

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